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Nate Grey
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Name: Nate Grey
Alias: X-Man
Powers: telekinesis (10 tons+), telepathy of the first order which enables me to create psionic illusions, read, probe, and control minds, and to pull psionic entities from the astral plane.

From the Marvel Encyclopedia:

"In an alternate timeline ruled by Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister created Nate Grey from genetic material from Cyclops and Jean Grey. X-Man eventually escaped to the X-Men's reality to fully realize the promise of his powers. He became a modern-day mutant shaman, existing to heal and guide all peoples, loving them without question. He fought to protect the planet from the incomprehensible, impossible threats of parallel Earths strung along a spiral from one end of reality to another. It was to save humanity from destruction at the hands of such a threat that he sacrificed himself."

Last I checked, I didn't work for Marvel. This is all for fun. Don't sue. Avatar is James Franco.